simulate the real-life feel of game day

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And that is 2k is currently excelling and Madden isn't. This is where Madden should refocus. I doubt they will though. They won't. Most of us know madden 21 is going to be the specific same core game. Except with our brand new"dynamic player audio"! Don't forget about the added ability to customize your franchise player's superstar skills this season! Among the unique things and this year added together, to give you, the participant control over your team, and league. And the icing on the the cake for this season's madden is the inclusion of our new"dynamic commentary"! The fire of Madden nfl as never before, after we've listed an Madden 21 coins additional 20 hours of commentary to simulate the real-life feel of game day!

I have written this before on here, but it bears repeating: Don't overlook the players union is every bit as complicit in this. They might easily push EA to improve Madden nfl by threatening to withdraw from their agreement to provide the players names and likenesses. However they like so they do nothing that royalty test they get each year. It is all on the NFL and the players. EA would be dumb to not give up the exclusivity from a company standpoint. So that we can have more than one game the NFL should re-open the license. Competition is better for us.

I believe escape artist needs to be removed. My primary reason is because each cell qb that does not have it is screwed by it. They really need to fix the way qbs move from the line. It is like their speed is dropped 20 points, becoming caught by ass defensive tackles. Every time that I try to juke using a qb supporting the line I always get that jump cut animation which doesn't fake anyone out. None of abilities or the attributes matter behind the line. I'm willing to wager they did that. Rather than making Madden nfl more realistic to balance it, they nerf QB rate and call it great.

If you have noticed that is how cheap Madden 21 coins seems to"resolve" every gameplay issue. Rather than addressing the root of the problem they simply fuck something up on the other side to balance it all out. There is not any way to create Lamar Jackson balanced for play. Okay do not try. Lamar is insane in real life, therefore I really don't see a problem with him being op in Madden.Except Lamar can be closed down and could be overcome in actual life. In Madden, you can't scheme against him like you can in life. If you've played online, you'd see hundreds of bums using the Ravens and cheesing using LJ. It destroys competitive play. A whole lot of Madden players evaluate about some semblance of balance.

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