WoW Classic game director Ion Hazzikostas

WoW Classic game director Ion Hazzikostas


The fundamental component now is to dispose of those layers and consolidate WOW Classic Gold Buy players into a unmarried server world earlier than section 2 can be launched. This is because international bosses planned for the subsequent section like Kazzak and Azuregos have been designed to most effective appear a single time at any given time. Layering might create duplicates and allow gamers to farm these global bosses, which Blizzard desires to avoid. The technique of disposing of layers is already underway. Thirteen servers are already locked at a single layer while the most populated worlds are already all the way down to to two layers. Hazzikostas says that getting WoW Classic servers to a unmarried layer is “a depend of weeks.”

WoW Classic game director Ion Hazzikostas has talked to PC Gamer about when gamers can expect to peer segment arrive: “I think it’s a count number of later this yr, I suppose we will say definitively.” However, he added “Within that timeframe? It’s going to rely upon a few elements.”It feels like one of these factors ought to hyperlink to ‘layering’ in the game – a generation brought for WoW Classic’s launch which basically helps prevent realm servers overloading with players via splitting regions of the continent up and layering them.

Last Friday, game director Ion Hazzikostas said phase 2 of WoW Classic might come later this yr, however one piece of content has been speeded up for release to next week. Hazzikostas hosted a video Monday of latest content coming to both WoW Classic and Battle For Azeroth, and he discovered that Dire Maul may be coming the week of Oct. 15. Dire Maul is a excessive-level dungeon first released prior to the Burning Legion growth lower back in 2005. It's a three-wing high-stage instance as a way to have greater enemies and more loots for WoW Classic gamers.

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