Now pick up all of the Spoils

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This manual is a half as slow as murdering them yourself if you only cannon. A crossbow. Mith Grapple, Mith Bolts and upward (If you want kill them yourself). A rope if you have never been in the GWD. Cannon balls. Food or Prayer pots (Prayer Pots only in the event you've got less than 70 defence.) Bones to OSRS gold peaches tabs (If your killing yourself). Tele's. Shield, Granite protect (None if using Karil's).

Step 1. Getting there. Sorry but this guide would be overly long. Look it up. You can use this to get to the GWD. Step 2. Go south till you hit on a pit with a pole to grapple into Aramadyl's Eryie. Head west to get to the boss room. Step 3. Set this up. Dont enter. Select fire and it ought to be killing all of the Aviansies and Spirtual monsters.

Now pick up all of the Spoils! The xp amount is devstating, more than regularly killing themif acctually fighting with them. Make sure to keep the ranged bonuses high for the cannon. It is possible to alch the limbs and daggers but that I like to sell them. Plus most of you can remain here for weeks on end with out this being dull. All thanks to me, Tcmp3. This is my home. OK I fixed a number of the spelling since I left out 1 letter on a number of the words or spelled red"ren". And yes you can use the cannon but sometimes creature's knock it down.

I have discovered that lots of RS players hate the Farming Skill, training it just using Tears of Guthix, or for a quest requirement for example Fairy Tale Pt 2. I disagree with Buy RS gold all these claims.


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