10 Apps Realtors Need on Mobile

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Realtors check out the list of apps that should be installed on our mobile next year to help with the work routine!

Real estate professionals are already familiar with some of the applications that we'll show you below. See in our list what we should have installed on our cell phone in 2018 to make business easier!

1 – Whatsapp

Whatsapp is already a classic. The use of this application for business has become common among professionals and clients. Whatsapp ended up becoming popular as the communication channel between those involved in a property sale. All this by sending data in text, audio, video and photos instantly. In addition to these features, the app allows you to make calls or video transmissions.

People can also share their location via Whatsapp. In this way, brokers and clients can find each other more quickly and easily. The feature that allows you to form groups on Whatsapp with colleagues and customers helps when talking to many people at once. Whatsapp is available for free for iPhone and Android .

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2 – Evernote


Like Whatsapp, Evernote allows us to work with audio, image or video, but the purpose of this application is different. The app is intended to help organize our daily tasks. Notes made in Evernote can be accessed by cell phone or computer.

Anyone who uses Evernote can catalog all records by folders, which facilitates organization. You can create files for each client, separate news from the real estate market, keep a mailing list of contacts. Evernote is available free for iPhone and Android .

3 – Instagram

Instagram has become much more than a network where we share photos of our personal moments. The app can help in our relationship with customers and potential customers. You can unleash your creativity and do various actions through Instagram and find more and more admirers of our work.

With the app it is possible to take photos of clients visiting properties, signing contracts and moving to their new home. The stories function allows us to show what is happening at the moment, so we can register for our followers the satisfaction of a customer who bought some property in our portfolio, for example. Many companies are already present on Instagram. The app is available for free for iPhone and Android .

English video showing Instagram Stories

4 – Waze

Waze can be a powerful tool to get out of traffic and avoid delaying an appointment with customers. The application works as a free GPS, which gathers data provided by the users themselves. The information helps for a faster and safer transit.

In addition to all these features, Waze can calculate the exact time to reach the final destination. The app is available for iOS and Android .

5 – Google Maps

Like Waze, the search engine map is often used to plot routes. It offers options for those traveling on foot, by public transport or by car. Google Maps, in addition to showing residential addresses, shows the location of restaurants, clinics, malls, squares and various establishments. Using the app you can zoom in on the streets and see what's on them.

Google Maps is also a great tool for talking about traffic. On newer Android phones , the app is already installed. It also has iPhone version .

6 – Pocket Guide

No matter the year, spending must be controlled at all times. GuiaBolso is an application that can be used to track our expenses. For everything to appear organized automatically, just connect to our bank, registering our account data. Once synced, the app pulls in the banking transactions we carry out.

It is possible to create categories for our expenses, as well as make descriptions and use hashtags. The Pocket Guide has two very interesting features: setting spending goals and deleting or adding other bank accounts. The app also monitors credit card expenses that we register. GuiaBolso is available for iPhone and Android .

7 – Dropbox

Is the cell phone memory full? Dropbox is a tool known for cloud storage, that is, it digitally stores any file, such as:

Architectural project plans;
Available property catalogs;
Between others.

The data held by realtors can be accessed through an internet connection. That way it's easier not to accumulate too much in the cell phone's memory. The app is available for iPhone and Android .

8 – Pixrl

Took photos of the properties, but need to make some adjustments? Having a photo editing application makes it easy to leave the image the way we would like. Pixrl edits all visual aspects of the images and makes cuts. This application also allows the inclusion of logos and watermarks on images.

Pixrl has free versions for iPhone and Android . The app is considered one of the best in image editing.


9 – Michaelis – Practical Guide to New Spelling

A good part of the activities of brokers is answering emails and messages, in addition to writing contracts. We need to deal with the clarity of the Portuguese language, make ourselves understood so as not to create a communication in which those involved do not understand each other.

With the changes in the Portuguese rules, some doubts end up arising. The famous Michaelis dictionary didacticly brings the new standards. Divided into topics, the app describes what has changed and shows examples. A useful tool for our daily lives. Available for iPhone and Android .

10 – Facebook

Still don't have a real estate page on Facebook ? The professional outside of Facebook is missing out on attracting potential customers. For those who already have it, the app helps track engagement on your page, tracking likes, comments and messages. The app is available for iPhone and Android .

Did you like our list? What apps do you use to make your routine easier? Tell us in the comments!