Does Avocado help to fight Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction comes in males with loss of erection and inability to sustain the erection whenever it happens. It is the problem, generally, associated with the middle-aged males and seniors, but younger males could also face the erection issue.


There are several physicals, medical and psychological issues behind the erectile dysfunction. The poor health of a male also contributes to the issue. Some males prefer instant penile erection and take Viagra 150mg. But others try foods and fruits to ensure a natural penile erection without worrying about side effects. Here, we will discuss the fruits which help us cure erectile dysfunction.

The basic cause of erectile dysfunction at the cellular level

When blood flow decreases in the body, it leads to problems in getting an erection and sustaining it. The blood flow decreases due to several reasons. In middle-aged males, the formation of cholesterol on the walls of the arteries is a major problem. Again there are certain issues like blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

Thus, a healthy heart and free flow of blood in the body ensure a proper erection for sex. A health heart pumps blood sufficiently, which makes it possible to get and sustain a penile erection. This is the work that medicines like levitra 60mg do. food or fruits that help in blood circulation contributes to the penile erection and fight against erectile dysfunction.

How avocado does helps you in erectile dysfunction?

Consumption of avocado increases blood flow in the body. The increased blood flow to the sexual organ is diverted during arousal period. It helps to get a penile erection and sustain it for the intercourse.

The second important work of avocado is the health of the heart. It improves the function of our heart. It reduces the chances of heart diseases. When the heart is healthy, a male will never feel the erection problem. It has been proved that a male with heart diseases or weaker heart is twice as likely to get the erection problem as a male with a healthy heart. So whatever fruit ensures a healthy heart is also equally good for your sexual life.

Avocado has a high level of folic acid. It gives more energy by helping metabolize proteins. The fruit also contains vitamin B6, which increase male hormone production. It is good for males with the low hormone, which is the cause of low libido and low libido increases chances of erectile dysfunction.

Male avocado part of your healthy diet and lifestyle

It is not that just by eating avocado and neglecting general health, you can maintain a vigorous sexual life. The overall health decides your sexual life. The fruit should be part of your diet. But do not forget that excess smoking, drinking, and sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of erectile dysfunction. You cannot maintain a sexual life with just one fruit. The avocado has to be part of the lifestyle intervention to check the quality of your sexual life.

The consumption of avocado will not give you an immediate result. But it will ensure a healthy heart and healthy blood flow for the permanent cure for erectile dysfunction. Use medicines like tadalafil 5mg for instant erection on weekends. The seniors and elder may not get any immediate benefit from avocado, they can use tadalafil 5mg for instant and spontaneous erection.

Do not forget your mental health

Remember, any fruit or diet is for your physical health, but mental health is also important in sexual life. Your mind has to play the part in the arousal. It is necessary to get the erection process started. So, take care of health, but invest in intimacy with the partner for overall satisfactory sexual life. It is important to regularly have an intimate session with the partner to maintain intimacy. It ensures that your desire remains intact and desire will take care of a penile erection.

Continue to have a healthy diet and use of ED medicine

There is no harm in using medicines like Cenforce 100mg, whenever you like to have a hard erection for penetrative sex. If you feel you need such medicines, use them with precautions that come with them. But continue to have a healthy diet with avocado as part of fruit or snack. It is a must to reduce the chances of complicating the erectile issue. And your permanent cure of erectile dysfunction depends on healthy diet and lifestyle.

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